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Nov 25, 2013 5:00am EST
deal could spell problem for one of the u.s.' biggest allies. good morning, washington starts right now. >> good morning, washington, i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm autria godfrey. the big weather story is also across the country, jacqui. >> late this week, thingses will calm down but we have big changes headed this way. the cold air felt over the weekend, still feeling with frigid conditions. it is 24 degrees in d.c. and our wind chill factor is 15. you're in the teens in gaithersburg, 19 is your temperature with a wind chill of 10. s at dulles with the -- 21 at dulles with the wind chill of 11. it is a quiet day with sunshine to start and clouds increasing this afternoon. we will have two opportunities this week of wintry weather. first of all, tomorrow morning, especially southwest of d.c. we could see a light, wintry mix and possibly ending with the system late wednesday with a few snow showers. overall, travel on wednesday will mainly be rain so keep that in mind at the d.c. airport, so that is a little bit of good news out of all of this. i will have details headed your way and let yo
Nov 22, 2013 5:00am EST
assassinated and how that memory has stayed with us 50 years later. >> a major shopping day could mean a major mess on the roadways. we have everything you need to know before you go as a new outlet store opens and is expected to draw tens of thousands of bargain hunters. >> we will tell you about the social media campaign that is catching everyone's eye. abc7 news begins right now. it is 5:00, rise and shine. good morning, washington, i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm autria godfrey. time to get your morning starts so you can head into the weekend. jacqui? >> the weekend is not looking so grade. today is looking nice so liberty' enjoy that, go with that. temperatures in the 40s. we have clouds around this morning and that helps to hold the temperatures up in the overnight hours. anything that does develop this morning should stay relatively light, and the best chance of rain will come later on this afternoon. the weather headlines, a few showers. have the umbrella on stand by. the highs could make it into the lower 60s before the day is done but it is going to become very blustery and cold this week
Nov 29, 2013 5:00am EST
lot going on. they're some of the hottest gifts are the year, but for some of us on the outside, buying a game console is confusing. >> minute ten dough is all i know -- nintendo is all i know. >> coming up, we will have more on h >> checking our top stories at 5:15 this morning applier is in the hospital after being -- a police officer is in the hospital after being dragged by a car trying to stop a suspected shoplifter. this happened at a kohl's in romeoville, illinois. a second officer shot at the car's driver. the driver and the officer who was dragged sufficients nonlife threatening injuries and the driver and two other suspects are in custody this morning. >>> stores are expected to be packed as black friday sales continue. the deals are expected to be better than ever. the average disis 25% off. this year, holiday sales are expected to total nearly $600 billion. >>> wal-mart employees across the u.s. plan to protest this black friday. one demonstration is set to take plaque inlandover. the past few days, employees rallies out stores. they want more full-time work and a sa
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3